Consultation and Training

Training inputs are provided to meet the consumers’ requirements.

Depending on the time available, and the needs of the learners/delegates, I can cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Sexualised trauma
  • How and why victims go back to the abuser
  • Impact on a family and how to support
  • Domestic abuse and trauma bonds (Stockholm syndrome)
  • ‘Illogical’ victim behaviour(s)
  • Threat response in humans
  • The effect of trauma on memory/ability to recall
  • Interviewing victims
  • Care/support for workers dealing with Victims
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Working therapeutically with survivors of sexualised trauma

When planning your training event, you should allow at least 1½ to 2 hours for a basic input and ideally a full days input to cover all of the points above.

Bespoke training packages and conference work is available to fit any amount of time from 30 minutes to entire training courses.

Please contact me directly to discuss your specific requirements and my fees structure.

Training Session 1:  Engaging vulnerable young people

Sometimes young people who are living chaotic lifestyles can be very difficult to engage, they may not respond to calls, texts or even visits and they may be inconsistent in their professional and family relationships.

I am experienced in engaging hard to reach children, parents and families in consultation case by case or as a training session, I can deliver a bespoke session with regards to working with children and families just like this.

Please contact me for more information on this training.

Training Session 2:  Social media in the workplace

Often workplaces have policies and procedures for dealing with staff that have misused the social media, but have you consider the threat from others through social media to your staff?

I have worked with families who I know have searched for me on facebook and Social media in general and luckily due to the amount of training I have had in this field I am pretty up to date with how to keep myself safe and not give away any information about myself. I have worked with colleagues, however, who haven’t and have fallen prey to some of the client base they have worked with.

Example – A worker was threatened by a male she was supporting, he talked about knowing where she lived. Information he had gained from accessing her details over social media.

I am offering a half-day training session which not only supports you to think about your privacy in general but also, what you are sharing with others without even knowing and how to stop your staff being victims of social media trolling. Anyone working in the public sector should consider this training

Please contact me for more information about this session.

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