It’s important to choose a therapist that will work for you. To help you decide if I am the right one for you, have a read through some of my testimonials from clients and professional colleagues.


Relative of CSE victim Testimonial

“We first met Lucy around 6 years ago where we were both in a very desperate place after finding out our daughter had been raped and groomed online. She came into our lives and gave us a great understanding of how easy it is for this to happen to any child from any background without passing judgment. As a result of meeting her, she helped us realise it was not our fault and played a significant role in restoring our confidence as parents and human beings. Without Lucy, we would not be where we are today as a well-functioning family unit. Thank you.”

Father of CSE Victim

Relative of CSE victim Testimonial

“I was emotionally exhausted and in a very dark place due to my daughter’s self-destructive behaviour. She was abusing alcohol/drugs, constantly going missing and self-harming. I thought things couldn’t get any worse but it was then revealed that my daughter was a victim of child sexual exploitation (CSE). Not only did I have no real understanding of CSE, I had a mixture of feelings, overwhelming guilt, I felt a total failure as a mum and the most incredible anger. These emotions were all consuming and I felt as if I would never get through it.  

Then I met Lucy. Her in-depth knowledge of CSE helped me to really understand this evil crime and the psychological effects it causes, which in turn enabled me to support my daughter better. When the police became involved and the many court hearings and several trials, Lucy was with me every step of the way. Lucy listened to me without judgement, she supported me through my tears, guided me through my anger, restored my confidence in my ability to be a mum and most importantly because of her support I was able to be strong for my daughter at a time when she needed it most. I doubt I would be here now if it wasn’t for Lucy.”

Mother of CSE Victim

Social Worker Testimonial

“I met Lucy Johnson in Brazil in 2005. At the time we were both volunteering with vulnerable children and young people in the Favela’s, aiding them in accessing education. Since this time I have remained in regular contact with Lucy. I have observed her, to complete a number of creative and academic qualifications all of which have linked in with her desire to help others emotionally. Furthermore, I have known Lucy to engage in meaningful work with children and young people, aiding them in understanding themselves better and helping them to regulate their emotions. As a result, they were able to grow in confidence and engage easier with life.

When Lucy told me that she was starting up her own therapeutic company I was extremely excited, not only for Lucy but for all of the children and young people who will get the opportunity to access help. As a friend of Lucy’s I would say that she is an excellent person for children to engage with in times of need. Lucy is caring, nurturing and has a wonderful ability to remain still in the face of difficulties,. To add to this Lucy has an ability to understand the experiences of others and then help them to process such experiences in a way that is both manageable and accessible. This really is a gift, and one that I am sure many children and young people will benefit from.”

Nicola Lewis – Social Worker

Mr Rick Hall – Founder of Top Banana

Top Banana is a project based in Botswana offering Psycho – social support to orphans & vulnerable children and adults.

“Lucy initiated many activities whilst with us, including showing carers how to interact with the children – the carers had not experienced such interaction as children so the concept was alien to them. Lucy took the time to explain how important this contact was and how to do it.

Some females were engaging in prostitution to support their families out of necessity. Even though language was a key obstacle, Lucy spent time with each carer to try and counsel them.

Lucy has the strength of character and personality to approach parents of victims and potential victims in a manner that would gain her respect. More over her unobtrusive style and calm collected manner would be hugely beneficial in supporting those who are highly vulnerable.

Lucy was only with Top Banana for a few months which was far too short for her to make an impact that everyone would have liked. The impact that she did make was enormous and she was sorely missed by everyone.”

Top Banana Project – Rick Hall

Survivor of CSA Testimonial

“Lucy seems to have a way of just getting it! I was 16 when we first started working together, I was in a bad place and wanted out! Lucy annoyed me with her caring, supportive attitude, but soon I came to trust her. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She is funny, calm and real. Thank you for being more than just another worker and for sticking with me even when I was horrid to you!

Survivor of CSA

She is just a different young lady, she got all her GCSEs,  everything she needed and more! She’s already started her training with ‘football team’ and is so happy and content. She’s been catching the bus on her own, she’s started a new job. The change is just immense, well to be honest there is no change we’ve just got the old her back!

Thank you for all your support.

YP who showed signs of PTSD

Saying ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem to be enough but Thank you.

You have helped me with the past 12 months, you have given me plenty to think about and to continue thinking about.

Thank you for being you

Adult Bereavement

The trainer was extremely knowledgeable. The session has given me so many creative ideas to further my practice. Excellent training by Lucy

Training Feedback

Style was very enabling. I would definitely do future training with this trainer again! I feel more confident being creative in my sessions now.

Training feedback