Mother of CSE Victim

Relative of CSE victim Testimonial

“I was emotionally exhausted and in a very dark place due to my daughter’s self-destructive behaviour. She was abusing alcohol/drugs, constantly going missing and self-harming. I thought things couldn’t get any worse but it was then revealed that my daughter was a victim of child sexual exploitation (CSE). Not only did I have no real understanding of CSE, I had a mixture of feelings, overwhelming guilt, I felt a total failure as a mum and the most incredible anger. These emotions were all consuming and I felt as if I would never get through it.  

Then I met Lucy. Her in-depth knowledge of CSE helped me to really understand this evil crime and the psychological effects it causes, which in turn enabled me to support my daughter better. When the police became involved and the many court hearings and several trials, Lucy was with me every step of the way. Lucy listened to me without judgement, she supported me through my tears, guided me through my anger, restored my confidence in my ability to be a mum and most importantly because of her support I was able to be strong for my daughter at a time when she needed it most. I doubt I would be here now if it wasn’t for Lucy.”