Nicola Lewis – Social Worker

Social Worker Testimonial

“I met Lucy Johnson in Brazil in 2005. At the time we were both volunteering with vulnerable children and young people in the Favela’s, aiding them in accessing education. Since this time I have remained in regular contact with Lucy. I have observed her, to complete a number of creative and academic qualifications all of which have linked in with her desire to help others emotionally. Furthermore, I have known Lucy to engage in meaningful work with children and young people, aiding them in understanding themselves better and helping them to regulate their emotions. As a result, they were able to grow in confidence and engage easier with life.

When Lucy told me that she was starting up her own therapeutic company I was extremely excited, not only for Lucy but for all of the children and young people who will get the opportunity to access help. As a friend of Lucy’s I would say that she is an excellent person for children to engage with in times of need. Lucy is caring, nurturing and has a wonderful ability to remain still in the face of difficulties,. To add to this Lucy has an ability to understand the experiences of others and then help them to process such experiences in a way that is both manageable and accessible. This really is a gift, and one that I am sure many children and young people will benefit from.”