Top Banana Project – Rick Hall

Mr Rick Hall – Founder of Top Banana

Top Banana is a project based in Botswana offering Psycho – social support to orphans & vulnerable children and adults.

“Lucy initiated many activities whilst with us, including showing carers how to interact with the children – the carers had not experienced such interaction as children so the concept was alien to them. Lucy took the time to explain how important this contact was and how to do it.

Some females were engaging in prostitution to support their families out of necessity. Even though language was a key obstacle, Lucy spent time with each carer to try and counsel them.

Lucy has the strength of character and personality to approach parents of victims and potential victims in a manner that would gain her respect. More over her unobtrusive style and calm collected manner would be hugely beneficial in supporting those who are highly vulnerable.

Lucy was only with Top Banana for a few months which was far too short for her to make an impact that everyone would have liked. The impact that she did make was enormous and she was sorely missed by everyone.”